Huninn Mesh

A Scalable, Secure Mesh Network for the IoT

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The future of IoT is here

The future of Internet-of-Things is here

Easily connect 10 or 500,000 devices to the cloud, with no wires and almost zero infrastructure, the Mesh Network is complete with self configuration and self healing.

Huninn Mesh delivers a scalable IoT communications (“IoTC”) platform that shifts the network and the device intelligence to the cloud

connecting and controlling an unlimited number of devices.

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The future of the Internet-of-Things is at your fingertips now

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An ecosystem of limitless possibilities

With limitless scale and density of connectivity, our ecosystem inside the cloud enables developers to build applications.

Cost effective

Making “things” smart at 1/10th of the cost

Pricing connectedness at $.10/mo vs. $10/mo.


A complete wireless solution

Eliminating wired and wireless infrastructure.


Every link to each device is completely secure

With end-to-end security between each device to the cloud.