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The future of the Internet-of-Things is here

Easily connect 10 devices or 500,000 devices to the cloud, with no wires and almost zero infrastructure, complete with self configuration and self healing.















Cost effective connections

Add connectivity to every device for just $1. 



























Build powerful applications in the cloud 

Huninn Mesh enables applications to ‘talk’ to a device, as if each device was a sophisticated object inside the cloud.














We provide powerful big data analytics

Storing all the data from collections of devices in a highly resilient, high performance database.  And then providing you with sophisticated tools to interact with this data —  such as graphing, statistics, modelling, forecasting, correlation — all as part of the connectivity.














Huninn Mesh has created an ecosystem inside the cloud with limitless possibilities

There is no limit to the scale and density of connectivity. Now you can build applications that can access these devices as if they were resident inside the cloud — creating meaning and value from collections of devices.  Users can subscribe to these apps just like they do in any app store  —  and the payments are split between the device owner, the ecosystem owner and the app provider.



The future of the Internet-of-Things is at your fingertips now

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